About Us

Craft Turf Farms is a family owned farm that just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Our 1,500-acre turf farm is located in Foley, AL on prime farmland equipped to ensure optimum moisture, mature root systems and dense uniformity. We focus on quality and client satisfaction and provide turf in traditional slabs, 42” Magnum rolls or the new mini-rolls, all at competitive prices. All grass is cut to order to guarantee our customers receive fresh, quality turf.

Craft Turf Farms offers a variety of warm season, southern grasses. Centipede, Tifton 419 Bermuda, Empire Zoysia, Tifdwarf Bermuda, Geo Zoysia and Palmetto St. Augustine have all proven themselves as excellent grasses for our area. Our experience in weed control, fertilization, and disease and insect control allows us to supply our customer with high-quality grasses throughout the year.

Our product and services have been developed specifically to meet the needs of licensed landscapers, retail nurseries and building contractors. While we do not sell grass retail, we are happy to refer homeowners to one of the many landscapers and nurseries we supply. Call us today for a price quote. Grass is our business. Let us supply your next job!

In December of 2013 John and Patrick Chapman purchased Craft Turf Farms. John and Patrick have been integral parts of the farm for many years and look forward to serving the needs of our customers both old and new.

The Team

Craft Turf Farms is a family-owned operation staffed with employees that have over 100 years of combined experience growing healthy, beautiful turf grass. Many of our employees began working with us right after high school or college and are life long residents of Baldwin County. We are extremely proud of our employees and of their commitment to Craft Farms.

JOHN CHAPMAN, Managing Member, has been with Craft Turf Farms since February 1980 when he and his wife, Laura, moved down from Birmingham, AL. John has over 31 years of experience growing and harvesting quality sod. John and his wife, Laura, have two children, Patrick and Rebecca and the entire family enjoys living in Gulf Shores. John and Patrick purchased Craft Turf Farms in December of 2013.

Patrick Chapman: Member: gulfcoastorganic@gmail.com

Chris Byrd: Sales/Customer Relations

Jeff Eicher: Farm Manager

Richard Hadley: Assistant Farm Manager

Chandler LeGault: Assistant Farm Manager

Jane Byrd: Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

Rae Ann Silvers: Controller/Trucking

Don Gatlin: Sod Manager